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We are a locally owned and operated production facility located in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, and 80 kilometers south of Edmonton.

For over the past 50 years we have manufacturered rubber products and components for oilfield and industrial use.


We produce in many different types of elastometers such as Aflas, HNBR/HSN NBR, Natural, Neoprene, Urethane and VitonWe also offer various custom services and products including rubber molding, rubber-to-metal bonding.


G & B Rubber is an authorized distributor of Eaton Airflex® clutches and brakes for oilfield drilling rigs and certain other industrial uses. Types we carry in-house include CB, DP&H, E, EB, VC and WCB.


We also handle many other Eaton Airflex® products.

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We are dedicated to high standards of quality and service and are available
​24 hrs a day for all our customers needs

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