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Airflex® CB

Eaton Airflex Type CB units are the perfect fit for both clutch and brake applications in high-speed, cyclic operations as well as for coupling and general power transmission. 

Airflex® DP and H

Eaton Airflex DP disc style brakes feature opposed piston designs for balanced braking in most stopping and light-tensioning applications.

Airflex® E

Whether they’re used as slip clutches, tension brakes or just general power transmission service, Eaton Airflex E elements are ideal for handling the large thermal loads of medium-speed cyclic applications. 

Airflex® EB

Although similar in design to CB assemblies, Eaton EB units expand, allowing them to behave as centrifugal clutches, making it easy to manage clutch and brake service for light starting loads.

Airflex® VC

Eaton Airflex VC products are designed to excel in severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment, 
factoring in the potential for large inertia loads and sustained slippage.

Airflex® WCB2 and WCBD

Eaton Airflex WCB2 and WCBD disc-type are externally-cooled units, featuring a specially formulated friction material that interfaces with a copper alloy surface to virtually eliminate
stick-slip, these water-cooled brakes can absorb and dissipate huge thermal loads.

Airflex® DBB & DBBA

Eaton Airflex DBB disc-style brakes are the ideal solution for cyclic applications—bottling equipment, power shovels, shears and power presses—where heat dissipation
is critical.

Airflex® DBBS

These spring-applied and air- or hydraulically-released brakes are engineered to dissipate heat
and are ideal for non-cyclic applications.

Airflex® WCBD3
Third Generation Brake

The dual piston water cooled tensioning brakes allow precise control for severe, high energy or continuous slip applications while providing 50 percent more energy capability than Eaton's traditional WCBD. The patented dual piston provides a wide range of applied tension with greater control.

WCSB Parts also available.

Replacement Parts
24WC Friction Material
36WC Friction Material
24WC and 36WC
Copper Wear Plates
We also stock single and dual replacement seals for 24 and 36 water cooled brakes.
We also handle many other Eaton Airflex  products.
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